About Libby



My name is Libby and I shoot food.

I’m a photojournalist turned food photographer, a Nebraskan turned Floridian with wanderlust that sits not so quietly on my shoulder. That means I’m sweet and determined. Kind and driven. I’m completely – completely in love with my calling.

Four years ago, I decided to become a food photographer because I thought chefs were the coolest and I liked to eat. And that was enough until I discovered, there was more to it,  more to me, more to why I chose this calling.

I see the passion, artistry, obsession and drive that I feel reflected in the eyes of every chef I meet.

Chefs get me. And I get them. And together, on the very best days of my week, we share our passion and vision with everyone else.

When I’m not working, wrapped up in food in some form, you’ll find me walking with my husband and my two giant dogs along the intracoastal, eating the spiciest food I can find, connecting with other entrepreneurs, or drinking bourbon – probably something I infused myself.

I live in West Palm Beach – where I spend a great deal of time obsessed with the afternoon light, though I’m available for travel anywhere that the sun shines.